Big Big Train continue to amaze with their musical output, now announcing another new release just before its available. The album titles, The Second Brightest Star, is a companion album to the Folklore (2016) and Grimspound (2017) releases. The Second Brightest Star features over 40 minutes of new songs and instrumentals alongside music from the Folklore and Grimspound albums presented in extended formats. With the exception of Brooklands and London Plane which were recorded at 24/48 and have therefore been up-sampled for this release to 24/96, all audio is at studio master 24/96 hi-resolution. The Bandcamp download includes a complimentary PDF of the album booklet including lyrics and the stories behind the songs.

You can hear the forst track from the album here:

1.The Second Brightest Star
4.London Stone
5.The Passing Widow
6.The Leaden Stour
7.Terra Australis Incognita
8.Brooklands sequence
9.London Plane sequence
10.The Gentlemen’s Reprise