We Came From Space share video for “She’s the Bomb/Atomic Blues” from new album ‘Overlords’ – album out today digitally

New album from We Came From Space – Overlords is out now digitally

Pop/Prog quartet We Came From Space comprised of Bill Hubauer (Neal Morse Band), Dave Buzard, Dave Hawk, and Tim Malone, are pleased to announce their 3rd studio album titled “Overlords’, due out on Feb 3rd. The album is the full-length follow-up to their 2018 album ‘While You Were Away’ and includes 2 tracks from the band’s 2020 3-song EP.

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The band are also pleased to share the video for “She’s the Bomb/Atomic Blues” which you can see here:

The album is available for digitally here:

And available for physical orders here:

Four years in the making, ’Overlords’ was finally completely late 2022 to be released early in 2023. While not a concept album by any means, a loose theme emerged on the subject of the known and unknown forces that watch and control our lives. These “overlords” may be corporations, people in our lives, our own narrow thinking, and even AI driven technologies.

Hubauer, Buzard and Hawk. Basically grew up together all graduated from the same western PA high school. Both Buzard and Hawk played in various regional bands together off and on over the years, but oddly never with Hubauer despite being close friends and having similar musical interests. Sometime around 2011, Hubauer and Buzard reconnected and started talking about doing music together with the idea that they would write and play music that would have been the kind of music that they used to listen to together when they were in high school.

With a different rhythm section, Hubauer and Buzard release the first We Came From Space album, “How To Be Human”, in 2013. The ‘How To Be Human’ album caught the ear of Hawk who said if they ever needed a new bass player, he was their guy. As it turned on the drummer and bass player from the first album decided to move on and Hawk joined the band on bass. A mutual friend pointed them to Pittsburgh drummer Tim Malone, and it was a great fit. The second album “While You Were Away” was released in 2018 and made a bit of noise due to Hubauer’s association with the Neal Morse Band. A three song EP ‘Reasons in the Rhyme’ was released in 2020.

The band have this to say about the new album:

“We tend to take longer than the average band to birth our albums but, to me, the results have always been more than worth it!”
— Dave B.

“I’m excited about how we’ve evolved as a band on the new album. This album has more extended instrumental sections that allow us to stretch out a bit more!”
— Bill H.

“WCFS albums are sold by weight, not by volume. (Some settling may have occurred.) “
— Dave H

1.Overlords (10:45)
2.On the Radio (7:33)
3.Empty Space (5:06)
4.She’s the Bomb/Atomic Blues (10:39)
5.Reputation (5:32)
6.Silent Letters (5:12)
7.Facade (4:56)
8.Seize the Day (9:19)

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