Top 10 Prog Concept Albums

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Our list of the Top 10 Prog Concept Albums.

A while ago we asked our faithful followers to chime in on their favorite Prog concept albums.  We received a ton of responses.  While some well known albums like 2112 and Close to the Edge were suggested, we decided to go with albums that were entire concept albums and not partial or just a collection of long songs.  Here are the results:

10. Marillion – Misplaced Childhood (1985)

Misplaced Childhood is the third studio album by Marillion. This was the group’s first full concept album.  The story has thematic elements of lost love, sudden success, acceptance, and lost childhood, along with an upbeat ending. It also features the band’s biggest hit to date “Kayleigh.”

9. Ayeron – The Human Equation (2004)

The Human Equation is the sixth album from the progressive rock project Ayreon by Dutch musician Arjen Anthony Lucassen.  It features guest appearances from several musicians, including James LaBrie of Dream Theater, Mikael Åkerfeldt of Opeth, Eric Clayton of Saviour Machine, and Devin Townsend.  It is a concept album with each character being portrayed by one singer.

8. Neal Morse – Sola Scriptura (2007)

Sola Scriptura is Neal Morse’s 4th Prog solo album, this one about the life of the German theologian Martin Luther. This is his heaviest outing and features only 4 tracks, two of which are over 25 minutes.  Mike Portnoy and Randy George appear on drums and bass, as well as Paul Gilbert on a few guitar solos.

7. Steven Wilson – Hand.Canot.Erase. (2015)

Hand. Cannot. Erase. is the fourth solo studio album by Steven Wilson and his most successful release to date.  the concept and story are inspired by the case of Joyce Carol Vincent, where a woman living in a large city dies in her apartment and no one misses her for over three years, despite her having family and friends.  

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