Steven Wilson shares new video for “Beautiful Scarecrow” from The Harmony Codex

Steven Wilson shares new video for “Beautiful Scarecrow” from The Harmony Codex

Steven Wilson finally dropped his highly anticipated 7th studio album The Harmony Codex and now he shared a new video for the track “Beautiful Scarecrow” directed by Jess Cope of Owl House Studios & co-directed by Venkatram Viswanathan.

It is described as a gothic horror story set in a post-apocalyptic world where a deadly pandemic has led to the human race being divided, with the infected rounded up and forced to live in underground quarantine. The extraordinary film for Beautiful Scarecrow continues to play on the mind long after the credits have run, showing how a simple gesture of kindness can resonate with profound meaning for years afterwards.

You can see the video here:

“The video is a completely new approach for Owl House Studios. I wrote the original idea with my partner Jonathan Main and in conjunction with Venky Viswanathan and Shaheen Sheriff, we decided to pursue a 3D animation route. Our aim was to build a computer–generated world but give it the “feel and texture” of a stop motion animation. As always, Steven’s track was so exciting to work with, as the more you listen to the track the more your ears discover. The song has so much depth and richness, it allowed us to freely explore an intriguing visual narrative.”
Jess Cope, Director

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Get the album here:

Inclination (7.15)
What Life Brings (3.40)
Economies of Scale (4.17)
Impossible Tightrope (10.42)
Rock Bottom (4.25)
Beautiful Scarecrow (5.21)
The Harmony Codex (9.50)
Time is Running Out (3.57)
Actual Brutal Facts (5.05)
Staircase (9.26)


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