Robin Peachey (Returned to the Earth) Interview – Stalagmite Steeple

RETURNED TO THE EARTH announce new album Stalagmite Steeple due out on June 14th

In this audio exclusive interview, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Robin Peachey, also known as the band Returned to the Earth, joins the podcast to talk about the new album Stalagmite Steeple, how he got started, and more.  The album is out on June 14th on GEP Records.  The single “Dark Morality” is out now.

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Robin Peachey on the new album:
“The writing for Stalagmite Steeple began in late 2020 during the recording of Fall Of The Watcher, my previous album. It’s been a 2 1/2 year recording process to get the album finished and I have worked again with Paul Johnston as producer/engineer/additional musician. Steve Kitch (The Pineapple Thief) has again mastered the album for me.

“‘Dark Morality’ is the opening track of the album Stalagmite Steeple and sets the scene for the album’s themes. “I saw a story about an elderly couple who were separated during the first Covid lockdown and unfortunately the lady passed away from natural causes. I found it incredibly sad that we couldn’t find a way to bring loved ones together in their final moments during this difficult period of our history. It seemed empathy and compassion were lost but the money spent for the privilege of being in the care home facility still rolled in. I didn’t want this event to be marked by just a single song so it formed the backdrop for the whole album.”

1. Dark Morality 7:19
2. The Final Time 5:00
3. Stalagmite Steeple 9:58
4. Meaningless To Worth 6:09
5. Die For Me 9:09
6. The Raging Sea 5:36

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