SOEN – Memorial (Album Review)

Review of the new album from SOEN – Memorial

Swedish Progressive metal band Soen, formed by ex-Opeth drummer Martin Lopez, has increasingly gained popularity with their blend of power and melody. Now, the band returns with the follow-up to 2021’s Imperial with their latest album, Memorial. On their latest offering, Soen once again proves their prowess in crafting hard-hitting and emotionally charged compositions.

The album “Memorial” opens with the tribal rocker “Sincere.” With explosive drumming and edgy guitars, it’s a great way to start off the album. But things really kick into gear with the undeniable second track and first single, “Unbreakable.” The chorus is one of this year’s finest rock moments and should have you fist-pumping along while singing out loud. The song showcases the band’s signature blend of technical prowess and emotional depth, seamlessly fusing powerful riffs with introspective lyrics.

The title track and second single, “Memorial,” takes the listener through a sonic labyrinth, with its dynamic shifts and haunting melodies. Joel Ekelöf’s vocals shine here with another epic and memorable chorus. The album hits an emotional peak with “Hollowed,” a haunting track with guest vocals from Elisa, adding another element that lifts the track even higher.

While not the most technical album musically, the band still manages to keep you engaged with excellent songwriting, which is what makes this band stand out among its peers. Simply put, they possess a knack for writing a good hook, not an easy skill in the world of hard rock and prog metal. Throughout the tracks, it is Ekelöf’s vocals that are the standout element, guiding the listener through the intricate musical landscape with a captivating and emotionally charged delivery.

Memorial stands as a testament to Soen’s evolution as a band. It’s an album that not only showcases their musical maturity and songwriting brilliance but also their ability to create a deeply resonant and accessible body of work. This release solidifies Soen’s position as a force to be reckoned with in the progressive metal and hard rock scene, and Memorial could very well be considered their best and most accessible album to date.

Released on Sept. 1st on Nuclear Blast

Memorial Track Listing:
Hollowed (feat. Elisa)

Joel Ekelöf – Vocals
Martin Lopez – Drums
Lars Enok Åhlund – Keyboards and Guitar
Cody Ford – Lead Guitar
Oleksii “Zlatoyar” Kobel – Bass

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