Randy George announces third solo album ‘Beyond Words’ via Threshing Floor Media

Randy George announces third solo album ‘Beyond Words’ for release on September 1, 2023

Photo by Robert Smith

Threshing Floor Media is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Beyond Words, the third solo album by renowned musician Randy George. Scheduled for release on September 1, 2023, this collection of ten captivating songs promises to take listeners on a mesmerizing musical journey.

Each track on Beyond Words possesses its own distinctive personality, allowing the album to traverse a wide range of musical genres. When experienced from start to finish, the seamless flow of the songs creates a cohesive and immersive experience for the listener.

Beyond Words will be available in multiple formats, including CD, streaming, and download, catering to the diverse preferences of music enthusiasts. Pre-orders for the album are open now, with the official release on September 1st, exclusively on band camp: randygeorgebass.bandcamp.com

Featuring an impressive lineup of talented musicians, Beyond Words showcases Randy George’s prowess as a multi-instrumentalist, taking on guitars, bass, and keyboards across all tracks. The album also features notable contributions from esteemed artists such as Dan Lile and Jason Gianni on drums, Simon Godfrey providing lyrics and vocals on “Make Me Real,” Eric Gillette performing guitar solos on “Pool Toad Redemption” and “Make Me Real,” and Neal Morse providing additional keyboards on “Technical Difficulties,”

Watch the video for “Make Me Real” here:

Reflecting on the creative process behind the album, Randy George shares, “This is my third solo album, and I have been contemplating it for years. I finally launched into it, incorporating a mix of old and new ideas that had been lying around, as well as fresh concepts inspired by spontaneous jam sessions with a drummer.

“While the initial intention was to create a retro album that evoked the singer-songwriter vibes of the ’70s and ’80s, it organically evolved into an instrumental project, with one exception. As a solo album, I felt empowered to explore a variety of styles and pay homage to past influences, including some experimental elements. Ultimately, it all harmoniously blends together.”

Beyond Words showcases Randy George’s extraordinary ability to construct intricate musical landscapes. While many musicians focus on a specific instrument, Randy’s talent lies in crafting music that seamlessly blends different instruments, drawing inspiration from the wealth of exceptional musicians worldwide.

As the release date for Beyond Words draws closer, anticipation grows among fans and music enthusiasts alike. This highly anticipated album promises to be a captivating addition to Randy George’s impressive body of work and an exciting exploration of his musical vision. Beyond Words marks the release of his third solo album, representing a new chapter in his musical journey.

Track list:

01. Cappuccino With Max
02. Technical Difficulties
03. Beyond Words
04. Make Me Real
05. Pool Toad Redemption
06. Soul Geometry
07. Foam Rubber Monsters
08. Three Sides To Every Story
09. The Good World
10. My Technicolor World

Available exclusively on bandcamp! To pre-order: randygeorgebass.bandcamp.com
Pre-Orders begin on 19 July 2023 with shipping on August 25th. All CD orders will receive a digital download of the album when purchased!The first 100 pre-orders will be autographed

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