Product Review: PaMu Slide Earphones

Review of the PaMu Slide Earphones available on Indiegogo.

I was recently asked to review a new entry in the immensely crowded headphone space, this one called the PaMu Slide.  After learning more about these bluetooth earbuds, I was eager to find out how good they were and so I agreed to check them out.  Being someone that is always listening to music, the main issue I have always had with wireless bluetooth earbuds is the amount of hours you can use them without charging and the audio quality.  With the PaMu Slide earphones, both of those problems are solved.

First let me say the packaging is really innovative.  Both earbuds rest and charge in the carrying case that slides open (hence the name).  The case is bigger than the Airpods case so it doesn’t fit easily in your pocket.  However, they last for 10 hours before needing to charge, so you can comfortably leave the case at home or the car and go.  The other unique feature with the case is you can flip it over and rest your phone on the case to wirelessly charge.

Now as far as the audio quality, these sounds great!  The bass response is good, not too loud (could be more emphasized, but nothing a good eq can’t fix). And the high’s are crisp and do not distort. Testing this with different levels of guitar distortion, double bass drums and orchestration turned out very good results. My main issue with these is they don’t go loud enough for me, but that is not something that might be an issue for everyone.  The earbuds are also very comfortable and rest easily in your ears even while working out or running.

The price is great at around $70.  The creators have raised over $3million on Indiegogo for these which is pretty impressive.  If you want to try really good sounding earbuds, these are certainly worth checking out.

Visit this link for more information and to order.

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