PODCAST: Prog Report Top 5 Genesis Songs

Former Genesis tour manager Richard Macphail and drummer Nick D’Virgilio join The Prog Report’s Roie Avin to go over the Top 5 Genesis songs from each era.

Genesis have one of the greatest catalogs in any genre so of course we had to tackle it on the Top 5 Podcast.  Joining Prog Report editor Roie Avin is an amazing panel with actual Genesis pedigree.  The band’s long-time friend and tour manager through the early years, Richard Macphail joins the debate to offer insight from his new book titled My Book of Genesis (he was there when they wrote songs like The Musical Box).  Also joining the podcast is drummer and overall musician extraordinaire Nick D’Virgilio (Spock’s Beard, Big Big Train), who also played drums on Calling All Stations, the final Genesis album.
Listen for some incredible stories and even better classic songs from each era of the band.

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