PODCAST: Scenes From A Whirlwind – Celebrating the Anniversaries of Two Prog Epics

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of Dream Theater’s – Metropolis 2: Scenes From A Memory and the 10th anniversary of Transatlantic’s The Whirlwind.

Where were you when you first heard Dream Theater’s Metropolis 2: Scenes From A Memory or Transatlantic’s The Whirlwind?  Both albums celebrate anniversaries this week, Scenes From A Memory turns 20 years old (released Oct. 26th, 1999) and The Whirlwind turns 10 years old (released Oct. 23rd, 2009).  In this podcast, host Roie Avin and fellow Prog Reporters – Geoff Bailie, Daniel Levy, Victor Giol and Kyle Fagala, tell the stories behind the albums’ origins, discuss the best songs, and share personal stories about the albums.  We also have interview clips from various members of both bands, including Mike Portnoy, who has the distinction of being in both of these classics.  Enjoy celebrating two of the best prog rock albums ever made!

Image by Christian Rios

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