PODCAST: Best Prog Albums of 2021

A look at some of the best prog albums of 2021.

2021 was another very busy year with a ton of great releases. On this last podcast of 2021, Roie Avin, Geoff Bailie, Dan Levy, Kyle Fagala, and Prog Nick discuss some of the year’s best releases. What were your favorites this year?

Also, check out the results in the 2021 Prog Report Awards.

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  • A few additional shout outs with solid albums in 2021:

    – Meer
    – Sylvan
    – David Minasian
    – Caravan
    – Kayak
    – Glass Hammer
    – Nad Sylvan

  • Geoff: “The Quest was one of the best albums of the year”

    Everyone else: *silence*

    Roie: “Well, I guess the Ice Bridge was good…”

  • Thanks for this podcast! I always love this at the end of the year. I exclusively listen to all genres of prog and agree with the reviews of a view from the top of the world, liquid tension, and leprous. I also agree the ice bridge is a highlight in the quest but having a hard time digesting the rest of the album. My favorite project with Neal Morse is definitely flying colors. I am a huge Marillion fan and want to like transatlantic as much as you all do but there is just something about neal’s vocals that make it hard for me to digest and Portnoy should not be singing. So far I would say the whirlwind is better than the absolute universe. I am listening to the frost release and it’s great! Thanks for the suggestion. Absolutely mastodon should be on this list and while I know they are not considered “prog” the new maiden album and the one before it have long crossover, prog-metal songs that I think are worthy of consideration. Keep up the reviews and THANKS.

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