One Hundred Thousand share new single “Ophiuchus”

One Hundred Thousand share new single “Ophiuchus”

After completing their highly dynamic concept album, ‘ZODIAC,’ One Hundred Thousand had one additional song to complete. Named for the 13th major constellation of the zodiac, “Ophiuchus” arrives July 9th, as the album’s epilogue — a final daunting statement from the band’s ZODIAC odyssey.

Just as the constellation sits among the zodiac signs, the song ‘Ophiuchus’ is related to, yet divergent, from its counterparts.

The ZODIAC album ends on a question mark. ‘Ophiuchus’ wallows in the record’s abandonment and despair and offers the most grisly possible conclusion.

Listen to ‘Ophiuchus’ here:


“With ‘Ophiuchus’, we wanted to bridge the gap between the sonic elements of ZODIAC, and what’s to come next from us in the near future. This final bonus track encompasses the beauty and destruction that is ZODIAC.” – OHT

ZODIAC is available as a full-double album everywhere digitally and on vinyl here:

One Hundred Thousand premiere concert film performance of latest album ZODIAC via YouTube Live.

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