Native Construct guitarist Poh Hock releases solo EP ‘ATMA’

ATMA is the 5 song EP from Poh Hock, released on March 8th, 2019

Native Construct surprised a lot of people with their spectacular debut album ‘Quiet World’ in 2015. Unfortunately, the band recently announced they were on an indefinite hiatus. However, guitarist Poh Hock, has just released a fantastic EP that picks up where Native Construct left off, showcasing his incredible talents as a composer and musician. The 5 song EP titled ‘ATMA’ is a progressive metal tour de force and worth checking out for any fans of his former group.

Hock says about the EP: “I’ve always wanted to start a guitar-centric solo project, with the objective of writing music without setting any boundaries while combining all my favorite sounds and styles of music. ATMA is a collection of songs that I wrote over the years with many musical challenges along the way. It is a documentation of my progress as a musician as well as a songwriter.”

Stream the entire EP here:

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Released March 8, 2019

Guitars and Others – Poh Hock
Vocals – Katherine Rufli and Poh Hock on ‘The Imperishable’
Vocals – Sam Gelston and Poh Hock on ‘Akasha’
Throat Singing – James Dorton on ‘The Imperishable’
Bass – Zak Baskin
Sound Designs – Max Harchik and Eric Guenther
Drums – Programmed by Joey Ferretti and Poh Hock

All songs are written, arranged and produced by Poh Hock and recorded in a bedroom.
Mixed and mastered by Jamie King at The Basement Recording NC
Album Artwork by Menton3

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