Kansas release first new single in 16 years!

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The band’s brand new single, “With This Heart”

Legendary American Progressive rock group Kansas are set to release their first album of new music in 16 years on Sept 23rd with ‘The Prelude Implicit’.  Now you can finally hear the album’s first single and opening track, “With This Heart.”  Highlighted by new singer Ronnie Platt’s spectacular voice, the group sound as fresh as ever with all the signature Kansas elements firmly intact. In an interview with Billboard magazine, drummer Phil Ehart said this about the new track, “It’s probably the most representative song of Kansas in the past and Kansas in the future — that’s the easiest way to describe it.  We feel it’s a very accessible song that people will listen to and they’re going to get it right away. You get to that middle section and, man, that’s Kansas with the violin and the odd time signature and all the elements. We wanted something that just screamed ‘accessible Kansas,’ and we feel the song is that for sure.”

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