Dream Theater release tour visuals video for “Moment of Betrayal”

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New tour visuals from ‘The Astonishing’ world tour

Dream Theater have released a video for the tour visuals that coincide with the track Moment Of Betrayal onstage. The group recently released a similar type video for the song “Hymn of a Thousand Voices”  They also released a live footage clip with the track “Our New World.”  The tour has been a huge undertaking and been a monumental success for the group.

Petrucci says the live show was particularly challenging, “The challenge of the whole thing was that this was originally written to be a show, that was the plan all along. It was a very ambitious plan cos it really meant that not only did we have to write over 2 hours of music for the actual audio portion but we had to come up with all of this visual content and stage design. It was all kind of happening at the same time. So the biggest challenge was getting so much content done both musically as far as writing, recording, writing lyrics, all the orchestra and choir and all the work that was involved in getting the visual presentation done, all that live content.”

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