Between the Buried and Me album announce ‘Colors II’, share first single “Fix The Error”

Between The Buried And Me have announced the release of Colors II, on August 20 and released the first single, “Fix The Error”

Between The Buried And Me had announced the release of their follow-up to their 2007 album Colors, titled Colors II, on August 20. The new single, “Fix The Error”, features drum solos from the likes of Mike Portnoy, Navene Koperweis, and Ken Schalk,. No other details yet, but you can hear the first single taken here:

Colors II⁣
1. Monochrome (3:15)⁣
2. The Double Helix of Extinction (6:16)⁣
3. Revolution In Limbo (9:13)⁣
4. Fix The Error (5:01⁣)
5. Never Seen/Future Shock (11:42)⁣
6. Stare Into The Abyss (3:54)⁣
7. Prehistory (3:08)⁣
8. Bad Habits (8:43)⁣
9. The Future Is Behind Us (5:22)⁣
10. Turbulent (5:57)⁣
11. Sfumato (1:09)⁣
12. Human Is Hell (Another One With Love) (15:08)⁣

Between the Buried and Me album – Automata II (Album Review)

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