The Prog Report Best Prog Songs of 2022

The Prog Report team pick their favorite songs of 2022.

The Prog Report Best Prog Albums of 2022 podcast had Roie Avin, Geoff Bailie, Dan Levy, Kyle Fagala, Prog Nick  and Victor Giol discussing some of the year’s best releases. Now the team are ready to share each of our favorite songs of the this amazing year.

See the lists below and also check out our Best of 2022 playlist on Spotify.

Roie Avin’s 2022 Playlist (Band – Song – Album)
1-Tears for Fears-Master Plan-The Tipping Point
3-Teramaze-Gold-Flight of the Wounded
4-The Dear Hunter-Ring 6:LoTown-Antimai
5-Porcupine Tree-Dignity-Closure/Continuation
6-Lonely Robot-A Model Life-A Model Life
7-Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side-Miles From Nowhere-Miles From Nowhere
8-Threshold-The Domino Effect-Dividing Line
9-Ryo Okumoto-Mirror Mirror-The Myth of the Mostrophus
10-Big Big Train-Welcome to the Planet-Welcome to the Planet
11-Evergrey-Save Us-A Heartless Portrait
12-David Longdon-Love Is All-Door One

Daniel Levy’s 2022 Playlist
1-Porcupine Tree-Chimera’s Wreck-Closure/Continuation
2-The Dear Hunter-Ring 1:Tower-Antimai
3-Pattern-Seeking Animals-Said the Stranger-Only Passing Through
4-Michael Romeo-Brave New World-War of the Worlds, Pt. 2
5-Teramaze-The Thieves Are Out-Flight of the Wounded
7-Big Big Train-A Room With No Ceiling-Welcome to the Planet
8-Threshold-King of Nothing-Dividing Line
9-The Tangent-The Changes-Songs from the Hard Shoulder
10-Bosco Aguilar-Dream Roads-Dream Roads
11-Rod Rodrigues-Changing Plans-Tales of a Changing Life, Pt. 1
12-Polyphia-Playing God-Remember That You Will Die

Prog Nick’s 2022 Playlist
1-Porcupine Tree-Love In the Past Tense-Closure/Continuation
2-Ryo Okumoto-Mirror Mirror-The Myth of the Mostrophus
3-Lonely Robot-A Model Life-A Model Life
4-Kite Parade-Letting Go-The Way Home
5-Jonas Lindberg and The Other Side-Why I’m Here-Miles From Nowhere
6-Pattern-Seeking Animals-I’m Not Alright-Only Passing Through
7-Jonas Lindberg and TOS-The Good Don’t Last-Single
8-Riverside-I’m Done With You-ID.Entity
9-Big Big Train-Bats in the Belfry-Welcome to the Planet
11-Lonely Robot-Species in Transition-A Model Life
12-Dave Kerzner-Here and Now-The Traveler

Kyle Fagala’s 2022 Playlist
1-Ryo Okumoto-Chrysalis-The Myth of the Mostrophus
2-Coheed and Cambria-Window of the Waking Mind-Vaxis II: Window of the Waking Mind
3-Elder-Merged in Dreams – Ne Plus Ultra-Innate Passage
4-Devin Townsend-Lightworker-Lightwork
5-Polyphia-Playing God-Remember That You Will Die
7-Marillion-Be Hard-On Yourself-An Hour Before It’s Dark
8-Porcupine Tree-Dignity-Closure / Continuation
9-Jonas Lindberg & The Other Side-Miles From Nowhere-Miles From Nowhere
10-Crippled Black Phoenix-Rose of Jericho-Banefyre
11-King’s X-Let It Rain-Three Sides of One
12-The Mars Volta-Equus 3-The Mars Volta

Victor Giol’s 2022 Playlist
2-Ryo Okumoto-The Myth of the Mostrophus-The Myth of the Mostrophus
3-Queensryche-Tormentum-Digital Noise Alliance
4-Charlie Griffiths-Tiktaalika-Tiktaalika
5-Arch Echo-Red Letter-Single
6-Animals as Leaders-Thoughts and Prayers-Parrhesia
7-Jonas Lindberg and The Other Side-Miles from Nowhere-Miles from Nowhere
8-Teramaze-Flight of the Wounded-Flight of the Wounded
9-Michael Romeo-Hunted-War of the Worlds, Pt.2
10-Ne Obliviscaris-Equus-Equus
11-Polyphia (ft. Steve Vai)-Ego Death-*single*
12-Meshuggah-They Move Below-Immutable

Geoff Bailie’s 2022 Playlist (in alphabetical order)
Big Big Train-Welcome to the Planet-Welcome to the Planet
Tim Bowness-Lost Player-Butterfly Mind
Cosmograf-Heroic Materials-Heroic Materials
D’Virgilio Morse Jennings-Everything I Am-Troika
Dim Gray-Avalon|The Tide-Firmament
Kite Parade-Letting Go-The Way Home
David Longdon-The Letting Go-Door One
Marillion-Care-An Hour Before It’s Dark
Ryo Okumoto-Mirror Mirror-The Myth of the Mostrophus
Pattern-Seeking Animals-Much Ado-Only Passing Through
Porcupine Tree-Chimera’s Wreck-Closure/Continuation
Tears For Fears-Rivers Of Mercy-The Tipping Point

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