Andy Foster (Kite Parade) Interview – Retro

Andy Foster, the multi-instrumentalist behind the band Kite Parade, joins the podcast to talk about the new Kite Parade album ‘Retro’ and more.

Andy Foster, the multi-instrumentalist behind the band Kite Parade, joins the podcast to talk about his history, launching Kite Parade and the latest album ‘Retro’, which is out now. ‘Retro’ is the second release from Kite Parade. The debut, released in 2022, was featured on the Prog Report 2022 best of podcast.

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‘Retro’ is the follow up album to the critically acclaimed ‘The Way Home’ released in 2022. Kite Parade is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist, singer songwriter Andy Foster. The new album features six brand news songs, continuing from its predecessor with emphasis on melodies and big choruses, drawing influences from bands such as Frost*, It Bites and Genesis. The finale is a 15 minute epic with lyrics supplied by Steve Thorne. Once again guest drummers Nick D’Virgilio and Joe Crabtree contribute and all the mastering and mixing duties are supplied by Rob Aubrey (Big Big Train, IQ).

“Following the amazing reaction to ‘The Way Home’, which blew me away, I am excited to be releasing Kite Parade’s 2nd album ‘Retro’. I can’t seem to write a song where it doesn’t suddenly go off on a (slightly weird but hopefully interesting) tangent before coming back for a good old chorus! In some ways ‘Retro’ carries on in the same vein as ‘The Way Home’, as a couple of the tracks were written around that same time period and of course I’m once again blessed with my genius dream team of Nick D’Virgilio and Joe Crabtree on drums and Rob Aubrey at the helm for mixing and mastering.”

“Once again Steve Thorne has contributed some very thought provoking lyrics to a couple of songs including the end of album ‘epic’ ‘Merry-Go-Round’. I think I know what it’s about, but for the definitive explanation, you’ll have to ask Steve! Stylistically, I think we’re on familiar territory but maybe ‘Retro’ has an ever so slightly darker feel. I can’t wait for everyone to listen to the album. After starting out as a studio based project, I’m happy to announce that I’m in the process of putting a band together to get Kite Parade out there playing live at festivals and support slots. Exciting times ahead! After a lifetime of playing covers I’m trying hard to imagine what it’ll feel like to perform my own songs. I just hope that I’ll be able to stop smiling long enough to actually sing!”

1. Retro
2. Speed Of Light
3. Wonderful
4. Shadows Fall
5. Under The Same Sun
6. Merry-Go-Round

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