Steven Wilson shares new Christmas song “December Skies” co-written with AI Technology

Steven Wilson shares new Christmas song “December Skies” co-written with AI Technology

Ever-innovating and embracing new technologies, Steven Wilson has again done the unexpected and released a new Christmas with lyrics written by AI technology in the style of Steven Wilson, of course. The results are outstanding. The music was completed by Steven with help from Randy McStine and guitar and background vocals.   The video was created using a purpose built AI system created by Miles Skarin / Crystal Spotlight. Check out the song below.

Steven said this about how it came about:

“Challenged by a friend last week on why I’d never done a Christmas song, I protested it wasn’t really me, and besides I didn’t think I had it in me to write suitably Christmassy lyrics. “No problem”, he said, “we’ll get ChatGPT to do it for you!”, upon which he instructed the AI to generate Christmas lyrics in the style of Steven Wilson. Which it proceeded to do so. By the yard, in fact, I was shocked at how instantaneous and easy it was to guide it (“don’t actually mention Christmas” we said to it, “make it feel more lonely”…etc)

I’m still not entirely sure what I think about AI, the knee-jerk reaction is to consider it a threat to a musician like me, but it’s clearly not going away, so this is my experiment to try embracing it and using it as a tool in the creative process. And of course also to have some fun doing something I would never normally have thought about doing, the archetypal seasonal song. December Skies is the result, swiftly recorded last weekend and written in collaboration with an Artificial Intelligence version of myself. I wonder what people will make of it. I wonder what I make of it.”

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