New Release Spotlight: Vanden Plas / ALMO / Trifecta

A list of new and recently released albums we recommend.

The New Release Spotlight is a roundup of new and recently released albums.

Vanden Plas –  The Empyrean Equation of the Long Lost Things (April 19th, 2024)

After a hiatus of four years since their last album, German progressive rock group Vanden Plas makes their triumphant return with their new release ‘The Empyrean Equation of the Long Lost Things.’ The album features the debut of new keyboardist Alessandro Del Vecchio Lead as well as emotive and powerful performances from vocalist Andy Kuntz. The band bring their consistent brand of symphonic prog metal through the 6 song set which is highlighted by  the 10-minute “Sanctimonarium” and the 15-minute epic closer “March of the Saints.” While the album has a melancholic feel, it also includes uplifting moments, making it a balanced and engaging listen which will appeal to long-time fans.

Order here:

1. The Empyrean Equation of the Long Lost Things
2. My Icarian Flight
3. Sanctimonarium
4. The Sacrilegious Mind Machine
5. They Call Me God
6. March of the Saints

Andy Kuntz / vocals
Stephan Lill / guitars
Andreas Lill / drums
Alessandro Del Vecchio / keyboards
Torsten Reichert / bass


ALMO – Reconciliation (Mar. 15th, 2024)

Progressive metal continues to grow with interesting and captivating new bands which can now include the band ALMO, which is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist Benjamin Almö Thorsell who writes and performs almost everything on the album. The music is for fans of bands like Between the Buried and Me, Periphery, Haken, and others in that arena, but Thorsell tries to infuse his own unique elements, bringing some pop to a track like “Bliss” or wonderful orchestration on the amazing single “Winterhound.” The 20-minute epic title track brings influences from everywhere and is a joy to listen to. This is a wonderful debut from an artist to keep an eye on.

Order here:

1.Rain 03:50
2.Vilsen 06:31
3.Hope 09:25
4.Bliss 04:16
5.In Dreams 04:22
6.Winterhound 06:57
7.PANIC ATTACK!!! 06:24
8.Reconciliation 20:29

Benjamin Almö Thorsell – Music and lyrics
Viktor Forsse – Additional drums and drum programming
Fredrik Lars Nilsson – Keyboard solo on track #8
Lulu de la Rosa – Production, additional keys, arrangements and drum programming

Trifecta – The New Normal (Apr. 12th, 2024)

The brilliant trio of Nick Beggs, Adam Holzman, and Craig Blundell return with the album The New Normal, which is an entertaining mix of progressive rock and jazz, featuring the trio’s strong chemistry, combining complex rhythms and creative melodies. Beggs’ bass lines are solid, Holzman’s keyboard skills add rich layers, and Blundell’s drumming is both precise and exciting. The set also features guest spots from Alex Lifeson and Theo Travis. The collection shifts between complicated jazzy songs alongside bizarre and sometimes goofy moments featuring Beggs’ unique vocals. This is not like anything else you’ll likely hear this year.

Order here:

1.Beck And Call 02:36
2.Dot Are You Wooing? 00:52
3.Stroboscopic Fennel 02:23
4.Just Feel It Karen 03:54
5.Sibling Rivalry 04:00
6.Ornamental Lettuce 02:16
7.Daddy Long Legs 04:11
8.What Are You Doing? 00:53
9.Stupid Pop Song 03:33
10.Crime Spree 03:07
11.Bach Stabber 02:07
12.Kleptocrat 02:35
13.Once Around The Sun With You 03:53
14.Chinese Fire Drill 03:26
15.Ouch! My OCD 01:16
16.Wake Up Call 03:46
17.Wacky Tobaccy 03:28
18.Canary In A Five And Dime 03:55
19.On The Spectrum 03:23

Nick Beggs / bass, Chapman stick
Craig Blundell / drums
Adam Holzman / keyboards
Alex Lifeson / guitar (13)
Theo Travis / saxophone (7)

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