Mandoki Soulmates release new single and video “The Big Quit” from upcoming album “A Memory Of Our Future”

New Mandoki Soulmate album ‘A Memory of our Future’ is out May 10th.

Mandoki Soulmates – the international and inter-generational supergroup consisting of rock and fusion grandmasters surrounding founder and mastermind Leslie Mandoki – release the 2nd single “The Big Quit” of upcoming album, A Memory Of Our Future.

Watch the video for The Big Quit here:

Pre-Order A Memory Of Our Future here:

In addition to the new single, Mandoki Soulmates announce the availability of a Dolby Atmos album mix, which will be available to stream and buy on May 10th. Dolby Atmos is an immersive surround sound format that offers a spatial sound experience that far exceeds normal listening habits and has so far mainly been used in cinemas. It is now solely but surely finding its way into music. When done well, Dolby Atmos allows music to be reproduced with unparalleled clarity and depth.

The Dolby Atmos mix adds to the musical mastery and passion that is A Memory Of Our Future: The entire album was recorded and produced purely in the analog domain, from microphone to mixing and mastering, making it a manifesto of precision and passion that is hard to find in today’s music landscape. Recorded and mixed in Leslie Mandoki’s Red Rock Studios near Munich, mastered in the infamous Sterling Sound Studios in New York, and cut in the Emil Berliner Studios in Berlin, the Soulmates are also making a statement as a kind of “revenge of the analog” in times of digital deception, scam bots, and internet trolls. The analog format is also an expression of their special appreciation and bond with the band’s audience, “like a love letter handwritten with a fountain pen”.


1. Blood in the Water – 06:54
2. Enigma of Reason – 10:06
3. The Wanderer – 05:03
4. The Big Quit – 08:35
5. Devil’s Encyclopedia – 05:47
6. A Memory of My Future – 06:26
7. I Am Because You Are – 04:32
8. My Share of Your Life – 07:48
9. Age of Thought – 04:38
10. Matchbox Racing – 06:56
11. We Stay Loud – 05:25
12. Melting Pot – 05:51

Earlier this month, the supergroup released the single and video, Blood In The Water. The single has it all: a pulsating beat, a catchy hook, and that ineffable prog-rock spirit that appeals to heart and mind simultaneously. The single is an anthem for resilience in the face of a shark tank’s-worth of daunting challenges. It encourages those who dare to resist conformity and courageously to look ahead; it issues a call to be different and join a movement of resistance.


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