Levin Brothers, Tony and Pete, release new Jazz album

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Levin Brothers, Tony and Pete announce a Jazz album with the feel of the 1950s.

Tony Levin, (bassist with Peter Gabriel, King Crimson), has for the first time, joined up with his brother, keyboardist Pete Levin (Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Jaco Pastorius, Wayne Shorter) to make an album (in both CD & Vinyl) of the music they loved listening to when they were kids – the ‘cool jazz’ of the 1950s. Tony’s cello and bass share the lead voice with Pete’s organ and piano, and they’re joined by notable players on drums, guitar and sax. Don’t expect abstruse songs or long-winded solos – this album is all about great, melodic songs with high level performances by all the players.

Pre-Release: August 12, 2014
Official Release: September 9, 2014

1. Bassics
2. Brothers
3. Mysterioso
4. Not So Square Dance
5. Jumpin Jammies
6. Cello in the Night
7. Havana
8. Special Delivery
9. I Got Your Bach
10. Matte Kudasai (King Crimson cover)
11. Ostropolya
12. Gimme Some Scratch
13. I Remember
14. When Sasha Gets the Blues
(Exclusive Bonus Tracks for CD)
15. Brookline Boyz
16. Fishy Takes a Walk
Also Available – Special Limited Edition Vinyl with download card
(1,000 unique color vinyl, signed and hand numbered by Tony & Pete)

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