Haken tease new album with unique website and video

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Video teaser for the new Haken album, Affinity.

As Haken get ready to release their brand new album, the band are taking a unique approach as they reveal the details.  Through a specially designed website (http://hakenmusic.com/), which harkens back to the old days of computers and dos-prompts, the band have announced the album title “Affinity” and its due date, April 29th along with the tracklisting.

  1. affinity.exe [1:24]
  2. Initiate [4:16]
  3. 1985 [9:09]
  4. Lapse [4:44]
  5. The Architect [15:40]
  6. Earthrise [4:48]
  7. Red Giant [6:06]
  8. The Endless Knot [5:50]
  9. Bound By Gravity [9:29]

As you follow the commands, a video teaser is revealed which you can also see here.

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