Prog Report Ranking – Porcupine Tree Albums

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A ranking of Porcupine Tree studio albums.

3. Deadwing (2005) – One of their most diverse albums, with poppy tracks like “Lazarus” and “Halo” and the brilliant epic tracks, “Arriving Somewhere But Not Here” and “Start of Something Beautiful”. During this period, the band were really building the fan base that has now grown into the massive one that follows Wilson today.


2. Fear of A Blank Planet (2007) – From 2002-2007, the band took a heavier and darker turn, no more so than with FoaBP. From the opening track to the 17 minute “Anesthetize” to the closer “Sleep Together” Wilson was looking at the darker side of humanity and did so with excellent results. Not as diverse sonically, but in every sense incredible.


1. In Absentia (2002) – The band’s major label debut and the first with Gavin Harrison on drums full-time. It is a perfectly diverse album with the quintessential PT track “Blackest Eye”, their breakthrough track “Sound of Muzak” and the haunting “Heartattack in a Layby”. It should be recognized as one of the best albums of the new millennium, but it unfortunately came out too early in their career.


  • Where’s Recordings? I know it was made up of B sides and previously unreleased
    material but IMO it’s a brilliant album, Buying New Soul and the full
    version of Even Less are awesome.

  • I will always love Signify because that was the first album where I became aware of PT. It is amazing because depending on what mood I am in there is always an album selection, from the brilliant The Sky Moves Sideways for mellow and In Absentia for some hard rock. To pick a favorite is impossible. I like them all for their own reasons. I do have to say that his solo Hand.Connot.Erase concert was the best concert I have ever seen, and that includes Pink Floyd with Roger Waters. I have 5th row tickets to see him again in November. Lucky me…

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