The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony is happening this Friday night with Yes finally getting inducted. How long it took shows just how the organization continues to over look Prog, Hard Rock and Metal bands. But their induction is hope for other Prog bands in the future. So why not look at some of the best Prog Rock pioneering bands that have yet to be inducted.


King Crimson – One of the most influential bands in the genre and in music.  The band continues to evolve with a revolving door of members, but the influence the band continues to reach generation after generation.  Many of its members have gone on the great success in other bands and are considered innovators.


Emerson, Lake and Palmer – Many forget this was probably one of the first Supergroups as they became one of the most successful bands of the 70’s, selling millions of albums and selling out stadiums.  But they also had great albums with radio hits.


Jethro Tull – One of the bands that is hard to categorize.  They even won a Grammy for Metal (which was a bit ridiculous).  Few bands incorporated so many different sounds and were as experimental.


Supertramp – Perhaps the band out of these that stands to best chance to make it, but more on the strength of being a hugely successful pop band in the late 70s.  Their eariler work was psueudo-Prog and their first big album ‘Crime of the Century’ was basically a prog album disguised as a pop album.  But it was their album ‘Breakfast in America’ that was undeniably a pop smash with the mega singles “Take the Long Way Home”, “Breakfast in America” and “The Logical Song”.


Dream Theater – Unfortunately, the chances of this band getting in are very slim but in terms of their influence, their inclusion would merit some consideration.  They incorporated metal and virtuosity into Prog in a way that had not been done before and were the launching pad for many of the newer Prog and Metal bands we listen to today.