New Band Discovery: No Reflection

No Reflection is a progressive metal band from Kfar-saba, Israel.  The band refers to its music style as “compressive” (progressive songs “compressed” to a reasonable length).  No Reflection creates music influenced by a number of different music styles and groups such as, Porcupine Tree, Soundgarden, Dream Theater, Pearl Jam, Disturbed, Liquid Tension, Avenged Sevenfold, and more.  The band has been in existence for 5 years. During this time, they mainly focused on creating new and original music, and after a while behind the curtains they’re going on tour with unique material and a stage performance that enhances and builds up the music.

After the first listen of their self-titled debut album, it is clear to the listener where the Israelis’ influences are rooted.  This is a band who thrives on tight rhythmic coordination between the drums and guitar, along with the solid bass lines which are locked in to the kick drum.  The doubled vocals have a subtle reminder of Kiss’ Paul Stanley.  This is also a band which focuses on well planned and thought out hooks and melodies.

The opening track, “3:15”, immediately gives the listener a firm welcome to the groove and technical ability of these musicians.  The opening riff sounds like an alternative song and then quickly shifts into prog metal mode seemingly out of nowhere.  This is then transitioned into a well written melody as their singer brings smooth and powerful vocals into the mix.  Thru the song, they exhibit a great range of dynamics and style which keep the listener pleasantly along for the ride.

Then comes “Veining Day”, the second track.  This starts with an acoustic guitar intro that catches your attention and leads to a great riff between the electric guitar, bass and drums.  This hook is then complimented by the vocals and the groove builds with some harmonizing vocal melodies.  Next come the Prog syncopation and riffs which prepare you for the powerful chorus.  No Reflection maintains great musicianship and song writing throughout the other tracks in which they showcase their ability to blend styles and influences as they mention on their site.  The overall production delivers an unapologetic, in your face, no extra “fluff”, and intimate sound, with skill and groove.

I would encourage the listener who has read the band’s self description as a “Progressive metal band” to be careful with any preconceived perception.  No Reflection does have ‘metal’ segments to their compositions; however, they are truly more versatile than this self given title.  This album has a great mix of metal and rock while keeping true to their progressive influences and inspirations.  They bring a mix of heavy songs, ballads, and technical songs.  Overall, this was a refreshing approach to Prog rock music because of their conscious effort to keep the songs ‘short’ — of the six tracks, the longest is a few seconds shy of hitting the six minute mark.  There are even two songs under four minutes.  While this is rare in the prog genre as we have become accustomed to expect,  No Reflection is not short on providing Prog fans with riffs and technicality reminiscent to bands such as Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, and Liquid Tension — to name a few only scratches the surface.

They have great rhythmic hooks which keep you asking for more.  With only six songs, No Reflection will hopefully continue to work on new material to continue to build a strong international Prog fan base.

Historically, Progressive music has always been “out of the box.”  No Reflection’s “compressive” (compressed progressive) approach is, for the lack of a better term, Progressive.

No Reflection band member:

Zevik – Drums

Chen – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals

Gilan – Bass

Mozes – Vocals

review by VG

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