Marillion release 13th studio album Marbles 13 years ago today

Marbles was released on May 3rd, 2004

Marillion had been a steady recording machine throughout the 90s when then they uncharacteristically took 3 year break after 2001’s’Anoraknophobia’ before returning with another monumental achievement in ‘Marbles’ in 2004, an album that remains one of the favorites among their loyal fan base. Not a concept album, the band would experiment during the writing process, resulting in some of the most memorable material to date. The album would be released as a single disc with a double-disc available for fans that pre-ordered it.

Pete Trewavas talked with us about the stand out track, “The Invisible Man”, a 13 minute journey of a man going mad, climaxing with vocalist Steve Hogarth losing control as he pleads, “I am the Invisible Man”.

“From what I remember of “Invisible Man” there was just lots of bits and pieces and Dave [Meegan, Producer] was talking about Invisible Man and I was thinking does he mean this bit or does he mean that bit. I couldn’t really get my head around it until he kind of pieced it together and then it all started to make more sense. I think he pieced it together and then got us to kind of jam through it so that it became a more plausible that that’s what the music could do.“

Live, the band have turned this into one of their centerpiece performances where Hogarth displays a transformation from lead singer to the character in the song that is both captivating and thrilling.

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