Frost* announces departure of drummer Craig Blundell from group

Drummer Craig Blundell is on tour with Steve Hackett’s band.

News came today via a Facebook post from the band Frost* that their longtime drummer Craig Blundell was leaving the group. Blundell has been a high in demand drummer over the last 5 years touring with both Steven Wilson and now Steve Hackett so this is not very surprising. Here is the message from Frost* founder Jem Godfrey. No news on a replacement has been mentioned.

“Hello all,

With much sadness I have to announce that Craig is leaving our Frostie world forthwith. He has bust his derriere off over the last decade turning himself into one of the world’s most in demand drummers, it has been an absolutely stellar trajectory and it’s a testament to his talent, determination, dedication and sheer hard bloody graft that he now finds himself where he is – playing with some of the biggest names in rock to hundreds of thousands of people all over the planet every year.

However, as with all actions there is a reaction and as such the demands on his time now mean that it has become too difficult to get our schedules to marry often enough to bear much musical fruit. We haven’t been able to gig much over the last two years for example and I know that’s been a source of frustration for our fans. To be absolutely clear, that’s not a criticism of Craig, merely the state of affairs up till now. We knew it and we went with it because we’re a band of brothers and because…Craig Blundell.

But, the next couple of years promise to be busy ones in Frost*World™ and we need to be firing on all cylinders accordingly. Craig totally gets that and, absolutely with the best interests of the band at heart, has decided to step aside so that we have the greatest chance to maximise all that’s to come.

Rest assured we are all still best of mates and he’ll always have a key to the door as nobody ever really leaves Frost* completely. Partly because everyone’s personality somehow remains embedded in our weird hive mind, but mainly because I have everyone’s bank details and they all very kindly pay me a small consideration each month to not publish them on the dark web.

So I just want to publicly thank dear Blunders for everything he’s contributed in the last 10 years – all the energy, the creativity, the solos and for all the laughter. Especially the laughter. Thank you mate, we love you and we’ll miss you.

See you all out there soon. Ish…


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