A live take of Thank You Scientist’s “Mr. Invisible” was performed and recorded using 100% solar power with the Sun Lab Studio at Schuster’s Poultry Farm in Lakewood, NJ. Schuster’s farm is a no-kill dairy farm with some of the happiest, well cared-for animals in New Jersey. In addition to the video, the recording is now available to download on Bandcamp for $1, and half of our proceeds will go to the Natural Resources Defense Council. Listeners can donate more if they choose by setting their own price, and can also donate directly to the farm. Now more than ever it is vitally important to demonstrate what we can all do to combat climate change, to end our dependency on unsustainable power and fuel sources, and to support those who are defending our ecosystems.

The song is featured on the Prog Report Best Songs of 2016 and the album Stranger Heads Prevail is on the Best Albums of 2016.

BANDCAMP: https://thankyouscientist.bandcamp.com



About Sun Lab Studio:

Sun Lab Studio is a mobile, solar-powered recording studio, whose mission it is to record original artists in non-traditional outdoor locations while spreading environmental awareness and promoting alternative energy sources.