In the Feb 2016 issue of Prog Magazine, Steven Wilson opened up about his thoughts on Porcupine Tree and seems to have changed his tune a little as he sounds more open to working with the group than he has in recent interviews.  Wilson says, “If I’m honest, I’d say that if there was a new Porcupine Tree album, it would be a side project for me now.  There’s no way I would go back to the band as my full-time job.  But having said that, I think there’s a strong possibility, a strong argument, that Porcupine Tree could do a new record, in our own time and for fun, and maybe do some shows too.”

He concludes, “I’m basically doing exactly what the f— I want and I have an audience that seem to go with me, and it’s still growing. But do I think it would be lovely for the fans for us to do something at some point? Yes.”

Wilson just released the EP ‘4 1/2’ which is a collection of songs left over from his last 2 albums plus a new take on a Porcupine Tree classic.  You can read our review of the album here.