In a recent interview with, Mike Portnoy was asked if the recent deaths of many musical icons makes him think about ever reuniting with Dream Theater.  Portnoy says he still keeps in touch with some of the band and is always open to possibilities “…around Christmas time I sent all the guys in Dream Theater a nice email, just reaching out to say how much I love and miss them, because that’s just the way I am.  Jordan [Rudess] and John Petrucci, we’ve stayed in touch, so in answer to your question, I’ve never closed the door on doing something with them. It’s not like I’m waiting for it; it’s not like I’m planning it, it’s not like it’s in my career plan, but certainly if the invitation, or if the opportunity arose, I would surely welcome it. It’s just because, you know, I don’t hold grudges, and I like to have an open heart and always cherish the people in my life and in my past. That was twenty-five years of my life.”

So while not coming out and saying he wants to join or anything is even remotely in the works, perhaps the possibility of it happening one day is enough to make fans that long for the reunion excited.

Dream Theater have recently released their latest album ‘The Astonishing’ which debuted at #11 on Billboard.  You can read our review of that album here.