Instrumental trio Consider the Source, the planet’s preeminent Sci-Fi Middle Eastern Fusion ensemble, are unleashing their first studio album in four years. World War Trio, a three-disc epic will be released in two parts: disc one, an EP containing the six-movement, 25-minute prog-rock saga “Put Another Rock in that Bag”, comes out on Halloween. In advance of the EP the group have just released the single edit of “Put Another Rock in that Bag.”  Check it out below for a dazzling preview of the coming epic.

Discs two and three will arrive as a double album early 2015. The EP marks a shift of focus for the band: while the rest of Trio will showcase the dazzling displays of furious virtuosity and Middle Eastern improvisation that the band is known for, the EP showcases their soaring, inter-dimensional progressive rock side, and features a section written by Jan Zehrfeldt of Panzerballet.