Bad Salad are the 3rd band of the 3 selected by Mike Portnoy as part of the Sixthman Showcase and will be on the Progressive Nation at Sea Cruise.

Bad Salad is a Brazilian progressive metal band formed in 2007. Bad Salad’s line-up consists of Thiago Campos, Felipe Campos, Denis Oliviera and Caco Gonçalves.  At the early stages of jamming in the studio, it became apparent that their music would be a mixture of styles, but at the same time leaning towards the heavier spectrum of rock/metal, hence the name “Bad Salad.”  Among their main influences are Dream Theater, Opeth, Pantera, Porcupine Tree, Transatlantic, The Beatles, Queen.

In July 2012, Bad Salad released their debut album Uncivilized and recently their new EP “Puzzled” on October 7, 2013.